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Take control of a rewarding INSUREPRENEUR CAREER with TeamPME Business Academy. Here, we empower you to go as far as your ambition takes you with a Fast-Track Process.

Let’s meet Evelyn, one of our outstanding MDRT achiever.


This could be you...

Let’s meet Veronne, one of our outstanding MDRT achiever.

Let’s meet Patrick, one of our outstanding MDRT achiever.


4R System

With 4 Resources that guide you towards building a solid client base, we coach you on tailoring the best service and value for your clients. This well-grounded system acts like a refinery. You will learn how to transform new lead to a centre of influence that goes on to bring more leads to you.

7 Steps of Success

The simplest things often got neglected. We place our heart and soul in getting the foundation right since PME’s inception by practising these steps. These simple but essential steps are the bedrocks to your career and outline the exact details to success.

We see the SPARK in you.
Are you ready to embark on your quest with us?
Join us now and be the best together.


Let’s meet Grace, one of our outstanding MDRT achiever.

Let’s meet Eason, one of our outstanding MDRT achiever.



Mission 100

In the first 100 days of your quest to a successful Insurepreneur career, you will learn the right knowledge, attitude, skills and habit.

At this stage, we emphasize the fundamentals through the perfect balance of intensive training in a classroom setting and client experience in the real world. Your peers will motivate each other in the process, building an enthusiastic team.

Our experienced and high-achieving coaches will steer you through the right path to accomplish your mission.

  • Kickstarting Your Quest
  • Powerful of K.A.S.H

Pioneer Force

Moving on, as you are more knowledgeable and skilled, we trust that your independence and confidence will bring you to a new height.

You are now ready to build your own solid client base. You will be provided with new ideas and skillsets to approach clients through weekly meetings.

Together with the skills and knowledge you have learnt earlier on, we prepare you to go on to the next phase of your career.

  • Refining Your Potential
  • Learn to Build Solid Client Base

Star Club

Pushing your limit also means questioning yourself with the key questions of why and what so that you can set a positive mindset in your career.

We will share with you the art of strengthening your proposition through various socialising skills.

You will learn more about building yourself charismatically, staying in touch with what is relevant to high net worth clients and ultimately, becoming an even more convincing and trustworthy person.

  • Growing Your Worth
  • Charismatic Builder

Elite Club

Insureprenuership is a career that transforms lives, and this includes adding more values to your clients through a multitude of ways.

You will be equipped with the competency to connect your clients to our exclusive professionals’ network from different industry, including laws, medical, accounting and more. With this interdisciplinary support, you will be able to guide your clients to diversify their financial portfolio.

Eventually, you will be able to forge an effective and long-lasting relationship with high net worth clients.

  • Championing Your Goals
  • Ways to Add Values to Clients

Elite Club

Inspiring Your Peers

Here is where high achievers enter their breakthroughs and one of the destinations that you want to pursue in your career.

Join the armour of insureprenuers experts and witness the meaningful growth of people around you.

You will be their guide and inspire them to achieve higher as a team as well as influence them with our strong culture.

Each Of These MDRT Winners Learned And
Followed Our Winning Formula…
Here they are today.



This could be you...